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Indian company founded in the early 1980s as a manufacturer of PET resins and PET polyester yarn. Today JBF produces about 1.5 million tonnes of resin for bottle, polyester yarn and film grade in its 3 production plants in DubaiBelgium and India.
In October 2015 the company started installation of production capacity for the production of PTA, the basic component of the production of PET resins. This feature allows the company to position itself as an exemplar of total and deep verticalization (upstream), as well as ensuring the homogeneity of all products derived from raw material of its own production.

Film division

The film division currently has 7 production lines in the United Arab Emirates, namely 4 lines in Dubai and 3 in Bahrain.
JBF's PET production lines produce 3-layer co-extruded films.
The production capacity of the film division is about 200,000 tonnes/year using a machinery fleet which includes:

  • 2 production lines in 'clean rooms', of which the Bahrain line is, to date, the largest in the world
  • high vacuum metallizers equipped with  plasma treatment function
  • 2 Al metallizers2O3 (Alox)
  • 2 lacquerers, one in the 2500 mm range used to protect Alox barrier films and the other for  special additional films.


PET films

  • 8 to 350 microns
  • plain
  • corona treated
  • acrylic or copolyester chemistry
  • chemically treated on both sides

Sealing and peelable film on PET, APET and CPET

  • isotropic
  • twist
  • high COF
  • matt
  • metallized and non-metallized


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