Become a Partner

Finfoil is not just a product trader but rather asales subsidiary of each associate company.
Finfoil distributes and sells products on behalf of - and in excellent collaboration with - its associate companies. We respect our manufacturers' views and expansion plans, and, by representing them, strengthen their share and presence in their target markets.

Transparent relationships are the cornerstone for achieving significant results.
Obviously, each associate company is free to follow its own approach and objectives  in working with Finfoil from the very outset.
On the other hand, Finfoil selects its partners based on their company culture, approach to the task in hand, reliabilityprofessionalismquality of product and production systems, so that it can offer its clients a variety of feasible options in terms of suppliers, solutions, and professional working relationships.

If you are interested in the terms described above, please send us your details and we will consider together what we can do for you.