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Aluminium foil for combined flexible packaging: PET, PE, PA and PP, paper, cardboard

Finfoil offers aluminium foil in the range of gauges between 8µm and 150µm.
The product is widely used in the flexible packaging sector in combination with other substrates (e.g. PET, PE, PA and PP films, paper, cardboard) either plain with lacquering (blisterschocolatecheese...) or printed (surprise eggschocolate coins...)
In this sector, the main function performed by the aluminium foil consists in providing a barrier to gases (oxygen, air...), water vapour (humidity), light and attributing mechanical properties and structural rigidity to the final packaging (for example to maintain the fold).
It is the film which provides by far the best barrier to wateroxygen and light that exists in nature.
Aluminium foil is also used in different industries:

  • in the wine sector for functional and aesthetic purposes in the final container, e.g. polylaminate for bottle capsules and large capsules, for heads of oenological capsules on which logos and tax seals are embossed.
  • in the electricalsector for its dielectric and electrical shielding properties, such as cables and motors
  • for thermal insulation and waterproofing (panels, bituminous membranes, rock wool, cork, double glazing..)
  • for packaging from 4th range and non 4th range (e.g. aluminium containers)

Different gauges and alloys are used depending on the final application. The most commonly used alloys belong to the 1000 and 8000 series.

When selecting quality aluminium manufacturers, not only the ability and organisation of the manufacturer but also the technology used and the type of raw material are important. Finfoil can guarantee that on this and any other aspect it is knowledgeable, competent, and utterly scrupulous in recommending the right film for the final product required.

Aluminium foil is typically used for laminationlacquering and printing.

Aluminium foil for lamination

The range of gauges of the aluminium foil typically used varies substantially according to the sector for which the finished product is intended.
The food or pharmaceutical flexible packaging sector uses gauges between 5µm and 45µm for multi-layer structures, while the industrial sector requires gauges between 9µm and 75µm.
Naturally, quite a number of the more specialty applications are not included in what is meant to be only a brief overview; Finfoil is, however, happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Aluminium foil for lacquering-printing

Very often the aluminium foil is lacquered transparent coloured and not, or opaque.
The flexible packaging sector for food or pharmaceutical products uses gauges between 10µm and 70µm for lacquered products (confectionerydairy, pharmaceutical sectors...), and even higher gauges for food containers (canteensairlines and bakery products).
The industrial sector, on the other hand, requires gauges between 40µm and 150µm for lacquered products (electrical sectorwine-makingautomotiveinsulation...).
Of course there are special applications that are not mentioned in this brief overview, but Finfoil is always happy to supply further information.

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