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The company is located near Maribor in Slovenia, but has an important primary aluminium production site in Serbia.
Impol had already been in business since as far back as1825 (production of copper, brass and bronze), but it was only after the 1950s that it began to switch production towards machined aluminium and primary products.
The foil division started operations in the early1970s
At the end of 2016 Impol acquired TLM, formerly the Croatian state-owned aluminium company. This acquisition has enabled an increase of raw plate material production, with the use of an excellent hot rolling mill.The company will increase its thin sheet capacity, with the commissioning of another cold rolling mill that will most likely be dedicated to the production of films in gauges of less than 8µm.

Foil Division

The foil division is located near Maribor (Slovenska Bistrica) at the head office of Impol dd.
Only a few years ago the division invested in the acquisition of two Achenbach rolling mills up to 1600mm (table) width with a capacity of about 22,000 tonnes per year in gauges of between 8 and 60µm.
The recent acquisition addedcapacity of about 8,000 tonnes/year of thin film between 9µm and 12µm.


Impol dd produces part of the raw material necessary for the foil division, by extracting it from plate.
The alloys mainly used are:

  • 1200, 8079, 8021 and 8011 in an annealed state
  • 1200 in H18 state

The foil division's target market sectors are:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Insulation and cables
  • Oenological


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