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Finfoil's Value Proposition

Finfoil supplies PET films and aluminium foils for processing and ready-to-use multi-layer films, accompanied by a bespoke advisory service.

The aim is to help the purchasing department of companies that produce food packaging or products for industry to ensure maximum production cost-effectiveness.

The company is a reliable partner on the technical and manufacturing side as well due to its very wide range of products, depth of expertise and its ever insightful and dependable way of working.
Finfoil promotes and distributes products:

  • available immediately
  • with precise delivery slots
  • with updated documentation

The company makes it its business to match product feature to the client need by delivering materials as requested and required.
Finfoil can give advice on the relative quality and merits of each manufacturer; offers reassurance on the range of options; takes an active role in the development of each type of film; and can facilitate technical discussions at any level, often directly involving manufacturers in open and straightforward collaboration.
We act as a sales subsidiary for our partner associates and a partner for our clients - an approach quite different from the basic resale service offered by numerous traders in the market.


Finfoil's mission is to grow profitably along with its clients and associate companies, both of whom are the buyers of goods and services that Finfoil is committed to making available - and of the demonstrable results that it is committed to making possible.
Finfoil's objectives are both to strengthen manufacturers' positioning by explaining market trends to them and to guarantee regular and quality supplies to clients. This it achieves through its underlying principles in its approach to work which can be summed up as follows:

"Choice" means identifying one option and giving up others. Doing something like this requires many things, but one above all others is decisive. Strength. Or, put simply, being in a position to give up on certain other business opportunities or orders because they don't have the fundamentals that Finfoil considers to be essential for the market and the sector in which it operates.


"Recommendation" requires an in-depth knowledge of the products being offered, the final applications for which they are intended, and the market that is committed to providing them. Being able to respond with professionalism is far more a satisfaction than a duty.


Promoting sales of consumables also requires procurement from culturally different countries, with different rules, with different economic backgrounds and logic. "Speculation", in an era in which finance now dominates producers of goods, is regarded as the right to take opportunities and business without having to follow or even properly respect personal or supplier relationships with consumer companies. Being a benchmark for clients and producers in whatever phase of the economic cycle for the long-term is a key - but very rare - capability in today's world, and something which Finfoil possesses.


How Finfoil is viewed and thought based on its gradual and unceasing evolution - that is Finfoil's vision.
Finfoil has automated operational, repetitive, routine work processes using IT systems and software developed by the company itself. It dedicates all the time and sensitivity it regards as appropriate and necessary for communicative interaction with people - whether or not they are clients - since it is people who are at the very heart of the company's way of thinking. In other words, we believe that we need to pay more attention to what slows performance down, and not just think about improving it.
Reciprocity, commitment, consistency, social bonds, sympathy, authority, and product availability are the cornerstones on which Finfoil bases its sales activity, and in which it firmly believes.

We do not sell, we create sales.


Please take a look at the catalogue to find the right product for you or contact us for information or advice.

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