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History at a glance

Finfoil was founded more than 20 years ago, but it was only in 2003 that it began to go to market under its own trading name.
The company has always been engaged in the distribution and sale of raw materials used mainly in the flexible packaging sector and that of industrial products involving the use of super thin films from 6µm to 400µm, following processes that combine service, product quality and skilled personnel.


After several years in operation, the company then decided in 2007 to leverage warehousing, logistics and material cutting services to move away from being regarded by the market as pure-play container vendor, a unit of measurement that is virtually irrelevant to our market segment.


At the end of 2009 Finfoil restructured itself to become a Swiss public limited company under Swiss law with fully paid-up share capital. The number of employees gradually grew from 3 to the current 7.


Despite the change of office in 2011, the company is still based in the centre of Lugano.

Expert personnel

All Finfoil's operational personnel have widely varying experience gained in companies in this sector and are all equally motivated to meet all the product supply requirements that big companies or merchants are often unable to satisfy. The experience in previous roles and the professional background of each and every one of the team at Finfoil are for our clients a guarantee of competence and expertise.


The company is organised by business process, and has adopted working methods that exploit the evermore advanced and flexible systems, applications and technologies that information technology has to offer.
The company's core functions are:

  • Sales Function
  • Sales and Purchase Order Management Function
  • Purchasing, Logistics and Transport Function.
  • IT and Process Optimization Function.
  • Administrative Function

The company is oriented towards the digitization of processes and communications, but will always adapt to the client's requirements.

Head office and structure

Finfoil is based in the centre of Lugano (Switzerland), where the company's management, strategic, operational and administrative functions are located.<br/> The sales team is proactive and supporting target markets through direct sellers.<br/> The logistics and transport service is delegated to third party suppliers selected by Finfoil, as well as the main film reel slitting service.


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Logistics and warehouse

Deliveries in 48/72 hours, warehouse management, digital packing list

Logistics and services