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Coextruded plastic barrier films for lamination: 9 Layers, EVOH encapsulated between two layers of PA

Finfoil offers coextruded barrier films for lamination in gauges between 22µm and 66µm.
These are co-extruded blown films, in our case 9 layers, with EVOH encapsulated between two layers of PA.
These films are frequently used in flexible packaging for foodstuffs and necessarily require lamination with other films.The final product is a multilayer that serves as a heat-sealed lid on trays or a film that, self-sealing, producesenvelopes with continuous sealing along the direction of flow of the packaging machine (e.g. flow-pack) and transversal sealing at point of packing.
The oxygen and water vapour barrier protects the food from natural oxidation and helps prolong shelf-life.
One side of the film is sealable, peelable or non-peelable, with anti-fog on request.
The quality of similar films can be seen above all in certain characteristics such as:

  • mechanical properties
  • transparency
  • antifog effectiveness
  • sealing layer performance

Coextruded plastic barrier films for lamination

The films in question are intended to be used in unaltered combination with other media. The gauge varies in relation to the final gauge requested by the client after lamination.
Sealing, and also peelable, layers work on:

  • PE
  • PS
  • PP
  • APET

We also provide films for hot lamination to PS and APETused to prevent penetration by oxygen of trays and containers. This kind of film is known in the market as "liner".

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